Thursday, April 21, 2011

If I had not taken this job...

...I would not have been standing on that hill, on that evening.

As the sun set into the west, it was hard to grasp that there was no human beings standing on land between us and Asia.

Although the windmills interrupted the stillness of the moment, it somehow seemed that they belonged here, a blend of technology and nature.

To the west, the last vestiges of light, to the east a rising moon. The windmills were not reacting to either, just to the 20 knot wind, blowing in from the sea.

Who is to say what sights I would have been looking at that evening, had I not chosen my career. Maybe I would have been looking over the skyline of London or Toledo. All I know for sure, is at the moment that I took the above photo, I was in the perfect place for me to be.

I looked at the Chief as he snapped a photo of this scene and I knew he felt the same way. As we both came on the job in the same year, we are both looking at retirement. I will go before he does, we have discussed it and each have our own reasons for leaving when we do. One thing we both agreed on, it's stuff like this that we will both miss - things that most people don't get to see or do.

Thanks for reading,


  1. I you had not taken that job you would be...
    a poet!

  2. Chupacabra - Maybe so, but probably a starving one!

    Thanks for the comment.