Friday, April 15, 2011


She didn't seem too upset when she was placed into custody, it was if she knew it was a possibility - though remote, and was ok with it. Apparently, she felt her man needed protecting as he wasn't going to be much good to her if he was in jail and she wasn't.

The deal had been struck, her testimony in exchange for charges not being filed against her.When it came to do her part, she got cold feet and reneged on the deal. Needless to say, the prosecutor was not amused.

This was not the prosecutor's first trial, nor his first dealings with total flake. He had made sure that this deal was one from a position of strength, not desperation. He was ready in case things went south. Her role in the whole matter, though minor, was significant and well documented. Intent was not an issue, nor was involvement. She was in handcuffs almost immediately.

As mentioned above, she didn't seem too upset. The prosecutor explained the situation and gave her another chance, one that she declined. The cuffs stayed on and she was escorted away. As she left, the prosecutor motioned for the marshal to stop and she spoke to the woman.

"Now that you are in custody and he is custody, the safety and welfare of your child is in question. We have been in contact with Juvenile Protective Services and it looks like they are going to place the twins into the system."

That is when she  lost it.

I hope he is worth it.

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