Saturday, April 23, 2011

It's Time

The ravages of time, teenage kids and weinerdogs have taken their toll on the Schmoe domicile. Deferred maintenance, procrastination and the desire to avoid having a project immediately destroyed by kids and dogs have led us to a point where major improvements must be made. While assessing the situation, it was determined that the removal of walls, moving of plumbing and the raising of ceilings should be performed at the same time.

It was also determined that the completion of the above tasks would be far easier if we vacated the residence for a period of several months while the destruction and construction is taking place. Thus, I have moved the accouterments of my posting from the comfort of my den to a portion of my garage. This is only the first step of a move from our house to another, then returning in a few months.

If it were up to me, I would likely piddle at the project piece by piece for several decades, until my heirs completed it or the Smithsonian took it on as a historical project. Seriously, wasn't the eighties an architecturally significant period?

  Unfortunately Fortunately for me, The Saint That I Am Married To has determined that our situation warrants an extreme home makeover and the drastic course of action is more appropriate than my proposal. I suppose that she is right, we will suffer greatly for a few months, then be done with it.

Although internet access is likely to be spotty for a while, I should be able to post on a regular basis. I just hope this is all worth it, I am going to miss the old look.

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