Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Some Call Them Heroes

 We call them fan bitches.

No disrespect intended, we just do a lot of positive pressure ventilation, so that fan gets used a lot. The truckies like to throw their weight around and tell us how great they are, so they have to expect a little love in return. Fan bitches is a pretty descriptive term, don't you think?

I am told the Big City F.D. spends a little extra time on the roof during a big fire so that the news helicopters can get a little extra footage. I am also told this practice is called "air time". I don't really believe it  to be a standard practice, probably a casual comment someone made one time and both the term and concept stuck.

Well, we are trained to spend no more time on the roof than necessary, so I guess this could be called our "air time".

Move air bitches!

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