Thursday, October 13, 2011


As you may remember, Rambling Chief was the winner of the "Closest to the Pin" contest held last month. The grand prize was an almost new Pelican "Big Ed 4C" flashlight, one that was my back-up if I lost or damaged my primary one. Rambling Chief contacted me and said that a more deserving recipient his prize might be a Fire Explorer, as someone whose career is just starting out.

I contacted a guy who serves as an adviser for a Fire Expolrer post and asked him to come up with a deserving member of his post, one who has a future in the fire service and one who is an outstanding member of the Explorers.

 The deserving fire explorer received my, Rambling Chief's, HIS new Big Ed recently. You may have seen him on this blog, as he often plays Santa Claus in the "Santa in the Hood" project. He always shows up at my door step in early December, looking for bags of toys. We are glad to oblige.

Anyway, the light went to a good home, the Explorer was grateful to both me and to Rambling Chief for the light.

Congrats to the explorer and to Rambling Chief for both being winners.

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