Friday, October 28, 2011


4.1 million hits,7 days. That is an impressive display of the power of the web. I wish I could say it was the latest post of "Report on Conditions" but it wouldn't be the truth.

The video posted below has been featured on network TV, been featured in the LA Times and numerous other newspapers and has achieved enough attention on facebook that The Saint I Am Married To heard about it.

As a result, we decided to check it out. Of course, I drug the camera along.

We really didn't know what to expect. Our first clue that this was a big deal was the traffic. Our second clue was when people were letting cars park in their driveway for five bucks and selling pizza for one dollar a slice.

Even with the clues we were unprepared for the crowd. Ya gotta love that speedlight flash!

Find The Saint That I am Married To in this photo!

I was kind of concerned about the crowd, a lot of people (like us) thought that it was kind of like a Christmas light display that ran from dark until 2200 or so. It wasn't, it was actually a show that started at 1930 and went about thirty minutes - thus the big crowd. We lucked out and arrived at about 1900. People continued to arrive throughout the show. Some people weren't real happy about being so far back and made a few comments. Whattaya gonna do? The above photo was taken at 1901, thirty minutes before the show started. It only got bigger.

This excursion was kind of The Saint's idea, I hadn't seen the video and had no idea what was coming. I was pleasantly surprised.

As seen in the video at the top of the post, the whole thing is synced to music. Isn't technology wonderful when used for peaceful purposes?

The "vocalist" windows sang seven numbers, were on key and didn't forget the lyrics even once.

I liked the purty colors!

So did the crowd.

In the end, it was worth the crowd-anxiety, traffic and gas to get there. Thanks to The Saint for suggesting we go and...

Thanks to you for reading.

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