Saturday, February 4, 2012


I can tell when I stop going to school, just like I could tell when I stopped going to seminars and courses back when I was on the job. I tend to get stale, stay inside my box and stop experimenting with my camera. As a result, I am trying to stay in school, whether at the UC, the CC or in various seminars.

Today, my composition class went on a field trip to the Botanic Gardens at the local UC campus. I had been to the gardens a few times before, once when the Saint I Am Married To and I were engaged and a few other times on calls. I had forgotten how big the place was and how beautiful. There was no shortage of things to photograph.

We spent about three hours, wandering the place and taking pictures. As one of my classmates forgot the battery for her camera and I had the only camera that used the same battery, we actually shared the battery. A few of these shots were taken only because I was standing in the area, waiting for her to finish her shot. In the end, it all worked out. It will be interesting to see how her photos turned out, I will get to do so at the next meeting when all of our images will be publicly critiqued.

None of these are images that I would have taken were I not in this class. There are several talented photographers in it, I notice that there are more talented people in each one. It is good to see their work and learn from the experience. Hopefully, some of their artsy-fartsyness will rub off.

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  1. I like the octagon photo the best. Nice of you to share your equipment.