Monday, February 20, 2012


We JUST got back from an eventful trip to the desert, to an area where we normally wouldn't go. I took my lap top, thinking that as we were close to the highway, I would get 3G service and would be able to post. It was not to be, as the local cell-site was an ATT tower and not doing me any good.

We did some OK jeeping, some good jeeping, practiced some EMS, took some ok pics and took a few good pics.

Unfortunately, I have to unload the trailer, truck and jeep so I can't download the pics and post, but will start doing so tonight or tomorrow.

I received quite q few comments regarding my Kindle/Go-Pro dilemma and I will be addressing those as well.

I hope everybody's weekend was as fun/interesting as mine and hope that everybody's rested for the upcoming week.

Thanks for reading,


  1. ...eventful trip...
    ...practiced some EMS...

    Everybody make it back in one, reasonably un-bruised piece Cap?


  2. Well BG, everybody in our group made it back in one piece, I can't say the same for some poor guy that we came across on Saturday. At least he got a helicopter ride out of the deal...