Sunday, September 30, 2012

Fun and Games

The Po-Po plays their game, we play ours. Sometimes, our games are played at the same time and place as theirs, sometimes the game master feels that we need to play together. Usually that happens when we need something from their toy box or they need something from ours.

Recently, the game master opted for a joint venture and I was able to go along, as long as I stayed near our toy box. Trust me, I was OK with that.

Our moves began when Wall-E brought our folks something to play with.

Wall-E seems like a nice robot, but it's better not to screw with him. He is armed to the teeth! I've always been very suspicious of robots bearing gifts.

Our folks stood by while the Po-Po finished making their moves at a site a couple of hundred feet away.

Finally, it was our turn. It is a game of calculated moves with the right equipment and actions being carefully selected. After the risk factors were evaluated, it was determined that Level D PPE was appropriate, with structural PPE in case an ignition occurred.

The long walk.

A sample was taken.

The sample was taken to a table where some of our folks used some very sophisticated equipment to test the material and identify exactly what it was. Oddly enough, the P.D. had a similar device that actually came up with the result faster than ours.

Of course, after the substance was identified, everybody wanted to see the results.

It was determined that the material was only slightly hazardous and could be disposed of without too much strife. The coppers stayed on to play some more, the people on the big red trucks were cut loose.

I never did hear what the whole thing was about, honestly all I cared about was catching the haz-mat team in action. It is a rare event when I can do that, I was glad I was able to do it for this.

I was also glad it was only in the 90s when this went down, it's going to be in triple digits for the next several days. Hopefully I can get out with my camera and take some good photos. Time will tell on that.

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