Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Stuff You Find On The Web

In a fit of vanity, I did an image search on my agency. As the overwhelming majority of my images are not captioned with my agency's name, very few show up. But I did find this photo that I didn't take:

That, for my non-hockey fan friends, is Lord Stanley's Cup which is awarded to the NHL champion each year. It is sitting on the front bumper of one of our engines. I don't know which engine ( I have an idea), but I'm pretty sure it was taken when the Stanley Cup made a tour through Riverside last month.

I found the photo on a local radio station web-site, I thought it was kind of cool to see it there. I also found it cool that they cropped the shot so that the unit couldn't be identified. We live in a horrifically paranoid time, you never know what you can get in trouble for.

I'm not a hockey fan, though #1 son is a rabid Ducks fan. He was texted that the cup was in town, but as he is so pissed that the Ducks didn't make the playoffs and he hates the Kings, he didn't bother to go see it. Meh.

Thanks to the L.A. Kings for bringing the cup to town, thanks to the unknown crew for allowing the shot and thanks to Kay Gee Gee Eye Radiooo 99.1 on the F.M. dial for posting the pic. That and hopefully not suing me for kyping it off their site.

Thanks to you for reading.


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