Saturday, September 1, 2012

Would You Buy A Lens From This Man?

It's Saturday, the Nebraska game is on TV and I'm kind of busy editing photographs. I am also trying to sell a lens which I just do not use any more. I sent the photos below to a perspective buyer.

All of the photographs were shot using the same Canon 28-135 lens which came with my camera. As I  usually keep my 15-85 on my camera, this lens has been sitting on a shelf for most of it's life. All were taken on Thursday at the F.D. maintenance facility and at the training tower.

It was kind of a goofy lighting day, we were under the anvil of a nearby dissipating thunderstorm. Halfway through the shoot, a dust storm came through, a result of the nearby downpour.

These were taken to showcase the capabilities of the lens, I think it helps.

The two images below were taken from the same spot, a few seconds apart.

Ya gotaa love the versatility of zoom lenses when shooting action/street/documentary photographs.

Though I really like this lens, it really doesn't meet most of my photographic needs. Thus, it has to go.

Our training facility is located right next to a very busy railroad. It's located right at the point where the trains have to sound their horn for a nearby crossing. I can't tell you how many times over the years that the class I was attending has been interrupted by a passing train.  The new classroom is very well insulated, the trains can hardly be heard.

I am not sure that this probationary firefighter likes having his picture taken, especially while sweating his ass off at the tower. He'll get used to it, especially when he learns to trust me and trust that I won't publish pictures of him doing something silly. Trust is very important in this career field.

I hear good things about this one,  that's not always the case. We have had to let a few boots go over the past months, a situation which is never pleasant.

I hope these photos help sell this lens, buying a lens used is always a risk, especially if you don't know the seller. It could be stolen, abused, have mildew, dust or other issues. That isn't the case with this one, it has been hardly used and has been babied.

Shallow depth of field, poor lighting, motion, distance and different types of subjects were addressed in these shots, hopefully they work and a buyer trusts that they are getting a good product.

Besides, how evil can a guy named Schmoe be?

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