Sunday, January 27, 2013

I Have Two Profound Statements To Make

First, Russell Crowe is not a great singer. He is a fantastic actor, but his vocals would probably not enable him to make a living on his vocals alone. I am uniquely qualified to make that statement as I can't carry a tune, a symphony orchestra cannot play loud enough to cover over my tone deafness. If I sang with the New York Philharmonic, some jerk sound engineer would isolate my voice and put it on You Tube. I would replace Yoko Ono as the worst singer ever on the web.

Second, I don't really care for musicals, I don't ever remember seeing one at the movie theater, except for Zep's "Song Remains the Same" and "Rocky Horror". Oh wait, does the "Blues Brothers Movie" count? What about "School of Rock"? I digress.

Therefore, it was with some reluctance that we opted to cross "Les Miserables" off of our Academy Awards Best Picture List, bite the bullet and see it.

The Saint and I were both in awe when the movie was over. What an incredible movie experience. We have seen five of the Best Picture nominees and will likely get to see a few more. Les Miserables was by far the best film that we have seen so far.

For the Saint, it knocked "Django Unchained" down a notch on her best picture list and for me, "Lincoln" was bumped down to number two. "Django", "Argo", "Lincoln","Zero Dark Thirty" and now "Les Miserables" have been seen, discussed and pondered over.  All were great movies but none attained the overall level brilliance of Les Miserables. Just my opinion mind you.

I'm saying that you have to go see this movie, I'm just saying that we did and loved every second of it. If you are even thinking about it, just do it. Put on yer good boots, a nice shirt and drive the good Jeep down there. A little culture might do ya some good.


I started feeling sick on the way from the Calico Mountains yesterday. I thought perhaps it might have been a beer to many at the Slash X Cafe, a watering hole located in the middle of the Mojave Desert, or perhaps just being thrashed from driving and off-roading all day.

The Chills, a head that feels as if it is going to explode and violent sneezing fits have confirmed that I am freaking sick. I feel awful, these eight small paragraphs are  the only thing I have accomplished today. I know it's only a cold, but it is soundly thrashing my ass. Somebody needs to get working on a cure for the common cold. Soon.

Thanks for reading,

An Ellen' Schmoe


  1. Thanks for the blog entry, feel better soon!

    YYC (Aviation) Dispatcher

  2. YYC - I'm tryin', thank you for the comment and for reading.