Saturday, January 5, 2013

Sgt. Rex - The Book

Ya gotta love the Kindle, I read about the book, bought it and was reading it - all in less than five minutes.

Well, my suspicions were right. I burned through it in less than a day, I couldn't put it down. I was picking up what Dowling was laying down, every single word.

The book covers Rex and his partner's experience working together as U.S. Marines in Iraq during the difficult times of 2004. More than just a war story, it reveals how the author and Rex came to be partners in a very dangerous location performing very dangerous missions.

But wait, there's more. What the book is really about is commitment. A Marine's commitment to his canine partner, a dog's commitment to his handler and the pair's commitment to their fellow Marines. 

All was told in a manner that kept me from setting it down. I must admit that it helped knowing that Rex had survived his Iraqi experience and had passed away from natural causes as a civilian. It could have gone either way. I also appreciated the epilogue, which covered what happened to Rex after Dowling left the Marine Corps.

I really enjoyed the book. If I ever get the opportunity to meet Mike Dowling, I'm going to buy the hardcover, just so Dowling can sign it. I'm just bummed that Rex won't be available to put his paw print on it or maybe put some teeth marks on it for me.

If you think this book might interest you, just go and buy it. It is available at the major bookstores and can be ordered both electronically and hard copy from

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  1. Hi Schmoe. Has been too long since I have come to your site. Beautiful Photography above in your last entry and yes, commitment is what it is. But, what a Reward also for both as it is with Spirit and I.
    I have not gone through all your entries, the connections on the road are here and there, specially with now a two wheel drive sidecar with reverse [!!!] but have your retired? I see you are mentioning Riverside...
    Stay well... Will be back more often, always enjoyed your pages.
    Ara and Spirit

  2. Thanks Ara, it is truly good to hear from you. I trust the winter is treating you well in TX and that you and Spirit both are well and warm.

    Yes I did retire a while back and am enjoying it greatly. I still take photos for the department and enjoy that as much.

    We have spent some time in the desert over the past few months and your photos have inspired me as I struggle to capture the immensity of the vistas. Someday I will get it.

    Thanks for stopping by and for the comment.