Thursday, January 31, 2013

Switching Hats

#2 Son and I came across this incident before the dust had settled. I have to say, old habits die hard. My fire officers hat was pulled from the dank, dusty recesses of my brain as I walked toward the scene. I'm glad I remembered to tell my son to grab my camera bag from the truck, it saved me a trip later.

There was some business to take care of, though to be honest, the best thing for me to do was provide support to the patient until the crews from 2s arrived. Once they arrived, a quick pass on to the Captain and that fire officer's hat was buried again, back where it belonged.

Out came another hat, one that fits far better than the one from my past.

 It was nice having the kid on scene, he was able to hold my camera bag, giving me one less thing to worry about.

 I kind of like this stabilization system, it sure beats a 1" life line.

There was some stuff that had to moved before the patient could be packaged.

The patient ended up coming out the rear hatch, it must have been nice to have that room.

A little slower shutter speed and this photo would have come out a lot better. A little blurring on the SUV would have shown the motion of the vehicle returning to it's wheels. Maybe next time.

This was kind of fun, I got to dust off some old skills and use my current ones. I must admit at this phase of my life, I am better suited to my newer skill set as opposed to my older ones.

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