Friday, January 4, 2013

R.I.P. Sgt. Rex

I have a soft spot for dogs, especially when they display a high degree of loyalty. That's why my allergies began acting up when I read this post about Sgt. Rex, a retired marine who passed away recently.

I was so impressed with the post, I bought the book about Rex. Rex's partner back in 2004, was a Marine named Mike Dowling who was so connected with Rex that he wrote a book about their time together. I downloaded the book about 15 minutes ago and am 20 pages in. So far, I can pretty much tell that I'm going to enjoy it.

Obviously, Rex touched more than a few lives in his eleven year life. He saved a few and he helped some others get through some really tough times. What more can you ask from a dog?

R.I.P. Rex

I'll let you know how the book comes out, it looks like it will be one of those that I will burn through in a few days. Thanks to the NY Times BLOG At War for the heads up on this and thanks to you for reading.


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