Tuesday, March 26, 2013


A copy of an e-mail that I sent to a couple of city council members that I know:


 I hope this finds you well.

I cannot tell you how disappointed I was when I heard that the city was not going to pay out the reward money that it had pledged in the Dorner case.

The couple in Big Bear and the watchman at the camp both provided information at some level of personal risk. That the city not pay up because Dorner chose to end his life is unconscionable. Frankly, the decision not to pay the reward casts a shadow of insincerity over the offer of a reward in the first place.

The city needs to reconsider this decision. To not do so is a dishonor to Officer Crain and the deputy from SBSD who was killed as well. Please do what you can to have this bad decision reversed.

Thanks for your efforts


A copy of what I wanted to say (names have been changed)

Larry, Jerry,

WTF! Not paying out because that douchebag chose to ice himself is bullshit. Get on the phone to the city attorney and the CM and put a stop to this nonsense. LA news is running with it already, it is only a matter of time before CNN and Fox news picks it up.

A wording issue should not preclude the city from doing whats right on this. Especially since it was pretty easy to figure that the cowardly asshole would probably not allow himself to be taken alive.

This is wrong, fix it.

Your pal,



When I read THIS in the daily rag this morning, I got a little pissed. The city isn't going to pay out any reward money in the murder of one it's police officers because the suspect wasn't captured and convicted. It's pretty hard to capture and convict someone when they kill themselves or when they opt to shoot it out with the cops and are killed.

Some people actually called 911 and gave the police information that was critical in the termination of the incident, to deny them the reward money over the verbiage of the reward offer is, well, bullshit.

Hopefully enough people will raise a stink over the issue and it will be reversed. I have my doubts.

Thanks for reading,


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