Monday, March 25, 2013

Thanks, God

Thanks, God for giving me the opportunity to work with these people, For letting me have thirty tears doing what I mostly loved to do. For keeping me safe. For allowing my somewhat selfish self to help others. For allowing me to see and do stuff that many others didn't get to do. For providing me with a good living, giving me a good family and giving me many friends.

Most of all, thank you for allowing me to retire on my own terms. For allowing me to go as long as I wanted to and not cutting me off early. For giving me my last cycle, one of the best of my career. For allowing me to see those who I once worked with, including those who left before I.


We had our annual retirement dinner Saturday night. There were quite a few who left last year, nine I think.

Several went a lot sooner than they wanted to or expected to, injuries forced their hand. Another couple had their time in, but their retirement date was determined by a doctor telling them they were done.

A couple may have left as less than happy campers. I do not know, nor do I want to know the details. I just feel bad that their experience was not as good as mine was.

The turn out for the retirement dinner was a good one. A cross section of people attended including active and retired members, council members, the city manager, family and friends. I took photos of the ceremony, hopefully the retirees can use the shots.

I think everyone one had a pretty good time. Quite a few of us went out afterwards, including several of us old bastards, an honoree and some guys that are getting promoted this week. Needless to say, spirits were high and the spirits were flowing. Not everyone made it to Zacatecas for breakfast the next morning. Just so you know, I did.

I tend to get a little sentimental at these events. There is always a slide show, one that shows photographs of the honorees from back in the day. Many of those are group shots taken at fires, training or social functions that occurred way back when we were skinny and had more hair. I laugh when I appear in one of those photos. They bring up memories of events I hadn't thought about in years, some that I don't even remember.  Obviously, someone had a camera and had recorded the events. Sharing photos was a lot more bothersome than it is today. I am just grateful someone captured the moment.

My thanks to god is a genuine one. Many I know did not get the same experience as I did. I feel lucky and/or blessed and I hope and pray  that my luck and blessings continue.

Thanks for reading,


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