Tuesday, December 29, 2009

The Call

"I just want my bedroom back" She tells us.

"We can make that happen" is the reply. A few phone calls occur, placing a couple of members on standby. Two hours later, after things are finalized, the call is made and two brothers pull up to the curb. It is well after midnight and the air is cold, their breaths visible in the air.

They arrive just as our brother is loaded into the van. The engine is parked nearby, dark, silent and waiting. The brothers stand with the crew and a few other members, the family waits as well. The task is soon completed and the journey begins. The engine leads, followed by the van and then the chief.

The two brothers go upstairs and begin moving furniture. Unpleasant reminders of the cruelty that had occurred are hauled down to the garage, the bedroom furniture placed back in it's proper place. Soon the room is restored, hopefully, the first step in restoring shattered lives.


  1. Maybe I am dense, but what in the heck is this about?

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