Monday, December 14, 2009


 Another positive thing about getting your CEs done at home.

A warm dog to go with the cold beverage. He slept here through two lessons. I love this damn dog.

Thanks for suffering through my obligitory pet picture.



  1. Awwwwwwww, he's sooooo cute!! You finally got a picture!!!!! Well done Capt. =)

  2. Dear Captain,
    The great thing about dogs is that they love you back. And they just don't care about your certification.

    Great picture!

    Ann T.

  3. Capt Schmoe:

    Do not apologize for pet photos! They are so cute!

    I have managed to sneak photos of all three of my cats on the blog, usually in conjunction with an entry. Hannah, my polydactyl cat snuck on with an entry with a clip of multitoed kittens from the Today Show. I have a pic of my mom's dog on the side column. And of course, the adorable Observer Kitty.

    Maybe it's time for a second pic of Chico.

    The Observer