Thursday, April 22, 2010

Here's to You, Jake

A few days ago, I received a text from #2 son, who was at a crime victim's rights march. He was there, helping set it up and tear it down, in order to earn service points for school.

"you gon be down here? i see baby jakes sign, but idk if someones gon use it."

What he was referring to is a poster sign of Baby Jake, a customer of mine who was born about 6 months before my son was. I carried Baby Jake's sign two years ago, #1 son carried it last year. I responded:

"I'm at work, carry it if you can"

Usually, from what I'm told, family members and friends of victims carry the signs in the march. Court employees had carried Baby Jake's sign for several years before I did it, two years ago. Now, they save it for us.


"Thanks son, I appreciate it"

No one knows who Baby Jakes father was. We hear that his mom's drug use precludes her from any involvement in the march, candlelight vigil or participating in parole hearings. Grandma is supposedly old and tired and is just done with it.

My beer use doesn't preclude me from participating, I have done so twice. I'm not old and not that tired and I'm far from done with it. As no one shows up at parole hearings anymore, I am hoping to connive my way in so that someone can speak up for Jake.

I wasn't involved in Jake's murder, but I had some involvement in his birth. Jake was delivered by the Local Ambulance Company and the Kinda Big Fire Protection District. He was the toughest baby that I ever met.

Jake played a role in one of my best days at the K.B.F.P.D. and the worst.  I carry a little baggage with Jake, but I know it's not his fault. He was only a vicitm.

I'm kind of proud of #2 son for picking up Jake's sign and carrying it in the march, I am only sad that it had to be done.

Thanks for reading,


  1. Sounds like you have a really great kid...

    We all have our Jake's... I think that as long as someone, somewhere remembers him, Jake and others like him will always live on.


  2. Good kid you got there Capt. Well done.

    RIP Jake, your memory lives on thru some great people.

  3. Sad story. I'm sure his wrecked mother would find comfort in knowing that someone is keeping his memory alive.
    Good for son #2!

  4. Strong work Gents. Keep holding the wolves at bay.