Thursday, April 8, 2010


It is said that the road to hell is paved with good intentions. I am not really sure what sin that statement is supposed to address, but I think it probably has to do with slothfulness.

I intended to post yesterday before work, but ended up getting in a discourse with a fellow blogger and then I intended to post yesterday at lunch, but the damn doorbell kept ringing and before I knew it lunch was over.

I then intended to post a little somthin' after dinner, but we pulled a truck fire that ended up being an eleven hour job.  Although we only spent five and a half hours out there, by the time I got back in the barn and did the NFRS report, plus a couple more EMS reports, training records and my log, it was two A.M. and I was done for the day.

As I was up pretty late, I slept till six, so posting in the early AM was out. After work, I hung out for an hour or so and washed my jeep as I had to pick up #2 son from a friend's house that is only half an hour away from work. After getting him home, I then had to run him over to another friends house (this one a little closer to home!) I am now back from that and a few other chores.

Frankly, I am going to try and catch an hour or two of sleep before either:

A. - I have to pick up #2 kid and then take him somewhere else, or

B. - The Saint I am Married To gets home from work.

So for now, this will have to do. Although I intended to post a quality piece yesterday, it just didn't happen. I really don't think it was due to slothfulness or even poor planning. Sometimes stuff just happens.

I may even try again tonight. You might note that I didn't say "I intend to post tonight."

Thanks for reading,


  1. No, no, Captain Schmoe,
    Real life cannot interfere.
    You have many readers here.
    And to work you must go

    To pay your bills and earn the bread?
    When stories revolve inside your head?
    Events in life are not well-timed?
    No excuse! your readers are primed!

    Have a great nap and may you have free time,
    some of which precious amount you confer upon us, your readers,

    Ann T.

  2. Life gets in the way. Thats not a bad thing! ;)

  3. Yes, it is amazing how life gets in the way of good intentions. Maybe this response can be counted as a post at my blog? I intend to post soon too, I hope......

  4. Oh I am worse than all of you! I got booted off midnights, when I could write and read all night, now I am on days with the BRASS and find I have no time even to read ! (I will find my mojo and get back into the seing, I just know I will!)
    Capt, enjoy that nap!!

  5. Capt Schmoe:
    Yes, life does have a way of interfering with ::very important blogging::
    The Observer