Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Deepest Apologies

To all of my dispatcher friends, I want to profusely apologize for the week-ass performance of my colleague, Captain Suave.

I happened to be at my desk listening to the radio and I heard him respond on that call. I heard the artificially deep "radio" voice, done in a low volume. Although the intonation sounded cool, I couldn't understand a word that he said. I also heard him cut himself off at both ends of the transmission, making it even harder for him to be understood.

I must admit that I found it amusing when he advised you of the same information that you had just given him a few minutes earlier.Even more amusing was that he had acknowledged your original transmission and had repeated it back to you.

As for your performance, it sounded good to me. Although I could sense a tiny bit of frustration in your voice, it didn't show up until you had to have him repeat a transmission three times because of the "suave" voice and the clipped transmissions.

That Capt. Suave didn't catch on and change his radio procedure until after the urgency had passed was funny in an ironic, maybe moronic sort of way. Had the call gone as it had originally seemed like it would, clear, concise communication would have been critical for all parties involved. Sadly, Suave was too busy being "cool" for this to occur.

Since I am never one to hold back criticism when one of you performs in a less than stellar manner, I thought it only appropriate that I bust Suave's  nuts in this instance. Also, you need to know that he frustrates us too. We, like you, tell him where to go, except that we are not as professional.

Thanks for your efforts and please note that if we could improve Suave's comm skills, we would. Some dogs are just too slow to hunt.

Thanks for reading,


  1. Ha great post Capt! When I have to ask the guys to repeat over the air, they make you feel like a moron, when I play back the recordings , you can plainly hear they were talking through marbles they must keep on hand just to piss me off!! Talk normal guys, save the Rico Suave' for off hours!!
    Stay safe

  2. Capt,
    I feel your pain LOL. Good post! If you get the chance, check out some new fire photos I posted from a 3 alarm job yesterday that my department was not due on but I went and peeped it with the camerea