Tuesday, September 14, 2010

I always wonderd: "Is that Smart?"

We have been seeing more of these Smart Cars zipping around town. I always wondered how well they would hold up in an accident.  We finally had the opportunity to look a little closer, this is what we found.

This car rear-ended a mini-van. The driver said she was going about 25-30 mph at impact.

Granted, we are not talking about a real high speed accident, but it does appear that the energy was absorbed where it was designed to be. I could find no deformity past the "A" pillar.

No intrusion or deformity to the interior, the driver's injuries were limited to a minor skin tear on her left elbow. Obviously, the front air bag deployed and she was wearing her seat belt.

Actually, it would appear that the car held up about as well as any other compact car. As it is by far the smallest car out there right now, I would have to say that it performed well for the impact that it suffered.

I am still curious how it would perform in a real world high speed collision. Hopefully, I will never get to find out.


As soon as he saw my camera, he started fumbling around.

He laughed when I told him the shot was going on the net, he thought I was kidding!

Have a great week, it's awesome to see fall peeking around the corner! We will be leaving on a road trip n a few days, hopefully my laptop will be back from the computer doctor's and I will be able to post from the road.

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  1. You might be interested in this Smart Car crash test video:


  2. In case you haven't seen these yet. There have been some crash tests that illustrate why I would be comfortable driving in a Smart.


  3. Very interesting, I always wondered how they'd survive in a crash too.

    FF and I have expanded the "punch buggy no return" to smart cars - gives me a way to vent since there are so many of them on the road :-)

  4. Interesting! I've always wanted a smart car... I would stick a giant "wind-up-toy" handle on the back of it. Then get out in traffic wind up the handle then get back in (safely of course) I thought it would be riot!!!


  5. I just don't feel sade in any car that is designed around the idea of being hit on the axles. Something about that just worries me. I'll stick to a slightly bigger car.