Thursday, September 16, 2010

Laid up

I went to the doc for a sore and swollen leg and found that I have a DVT. Thus, I will be off of work for at least several weeks and am not allowed to do much. Not that I feel like doing much anyway, the only position of comfort is on my back with my leg elevated.

As a result, my posts might be a little weak or off topic for a while. I just hope this clears up soon and I can get back to work. That and get back to shooting pictures.

Thanks for your patience,


  1. Take care, I hope you feel better soon.

  2. Schmoe, I hope you're back on your feet soon enough that you don't go bat-guano crazy from boredom.

  3. Cap,

    Best wishes and get well soon. This aging thing sucks, but it beats the alternative.

    I just went to the doctor today. My Marine Reserve unit ran our Combat Fitness Test saturday. (You can see a CFT here- ran it 20 seconds faster than the kid in the video. While seeking to demonstrate leadership by example and some motivation can seem like a good idea, I'm finding that my body disagrees. Turns out I just tweeked some things, no major damage, but a wake up call.

    Since you've got some time and are looking for some motivation to write, please forgive me for making a request:

    How about a few of your thoughts on leadership? I've gotten the impression from many of your posts that you have a lot to share, especially on the subject of micromanagement;-) Not the Generation X/Y concepts or any of the feel good mantras that they teach at the community college, but experience based common sense stuff. I don't know how many aspiring FFs, company officers, or chiefs read your blog, but I'm sure there's a few of us who are always looking for some leadership tricks of the trade.

    If you're not in the mood, so to speak, feel free to edit/not post this comment.

  4. Get well soon Captain!

    YYC (Aviation) Dispatcher

  5. DVT :(!!! Not good. I hope it clears up quickly!

    Feel better!


  6. Cap,

    I hope you have a speedy recovery. I'm sure we'll all give you some slack for lackluster posts... for a little while, anyway.
    Get back to it soon, I know your boys are going to miss you around the station!

  7. Thanks for the kind words folks, they are good to hear.

    John - No promises, but I just might do that.

    Thanks again


  8. Capt. Schmoe:
    Well, I add my prayers for your quick recovery! They send you home with Lovonox? If so, who gets to poke you--The Saint?

    The Observer

  9. Actually Observer, I have the privilege of poking myself. Sub-q in the abdomen X 10. Frankly, although it's no big deal, I do find it a little creepy!

    Thanks again all.

  10. Capt,

    Sorry to hear that. Get well soon!

  11. I second John's request for your thoughts on leadership.

  12. Sorry to hear about you Capt, hope you get back to work soon and while you are off try to enjoy poking yourself in the rear! I bet their are some guys at your station that would like to give you that shot w/ a bigger needle...haha j/k, take care,
    Beans RFD

  13. Thanks again all for the comments.

    Beans - My engineer told me that the medics throughout the district were on a sign-up list to come and stick Schmoe. I had to decline the offer.