Saturday, October 2, 2010

Places I'd Like To Work a Shift or Two

This station has a nice look about it -

The Saint and I found this station while touring the San Bernardino Mountains. It protects the community of Forest Falls, a community within the San Bernardino National Forest. It does not appear that High Rise responses, railroads or freeways are a community threat; nor did there appear to be a large homeless population. This works for me. The station looked very well maintained and has that rustic mountain feel.

I thought the prepared bear guarding the front of the station was a nice touch. He kept an eye on me and made sure that I didn't apply any K.B.F.P.D. stickers to the station or equipment.

I didn't see any cars around, so this might be a paid-call station. Regardless, it presented very well. Strong work by the Forest Falls team.

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  1. Don't know if they're still there, but there used to be some great hiking trails in Forest Falls. That station, if memory serves, was the ICP for a large scale missing person search way back when I was in medic school... Eons ago.

    It's nice to see pic's from the West, still looking as beautiful as I remember. Jersey is nice, but it's no Sierras or Angeles NF.

    Thanks for writing!

  2. Lunchbox - That canyon has several trail heads that originate from it, they are USFS trails and are heavily used. As a kids, my old man and i back-packed several of them. They are beautiful indeed.

    I love the mountains of so cal, but as there are several bajillion people who live within an hours drive of them, I prefer the east face of the Sierras.

    Thanks for reading.