Friday, October 15, 2010

Practice Baby, Practice

Ever wonder how honor guards from all over the state can get together and perform a ceremony without any errors?

Just like any other manipulative skill, it's all about practice.

 Members of Honor Guard teams from throughout California practice for Saturdays Fallen Fighters Memorial Ceremony. It was in the high 80's in Sacramento today and these people were out practicing for several hours.

On Saturday, these people will be decked out in their Class 'A's and their hands will be filled with chrome axes.

I don't know who the guy with the bullhorn is, but he is definitely in charge. That looked good folks, but we need to work on marching - let's do it again!

Of course, the purpose of the memorial is not only to honor the fallen, but for families and friends to remember their lost loved ones.

A family uses a crayon and a sheet of paper to capture an image of the name of a lost loved one. Their loved one will be honored in the ceremony on Saturday, along with 30 others.

The governor will speak, as will several union officials. Thousands will attend and the fallen will be honored. Hopefully, the grieving families will begin to put their lives back together, not forgetting their loss, but healing the pain and restoring some level of hope to their lives.

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  1. Captain Schmoe, That last picture, that's beautiful. And sad. It's a lot of things.