Friday, June 10, 2011

Arizona Wildfire

Several large wildfires are currently burning in Arizona. The largest, called the Wallow incident, has consumed over 400,000 thousand acres and is only 5% contained. It is located in eastern Arizona and has consumed 29 homes and 24 outbuildings. Numerous small communities have been evacuated, with several more on notice.

As is their standard practice, has posted some exceptional images of the fire and it's effects on their photo blog, THE BIG PICTURE.

As I looked at the photos, some really stood out for me.

Several of them captured the way the sky fills with smoke as a large wildfire approaches. For those of you who have never experienced it, when a wildfire gets close enough or large enough, the sun can be blocked out to the point where the only light that gets through is filtered to a dark brown and orange color. If enough of the sky is obstructed, its like looking through orange colored glasses. Sometimes, it becomes dark enough that headlights are required and streetlights come on. It's a cool but eerie effect. When I have experienced it, I have been too busy to snap a picture. Maybe after I pull the pin, I can weasel my way in to snap some shots.

The other shots that I enjoyed were the ones showing the crews sleeping in the dirt. Yee Haw, a dirt-nap -  that's a little fun for everybody right there!

You can't help but notice how the evacuees are grabbing their pets and livestock. In New Orleans, we met people who didn't evacuate because they wouldn't allow pets in the evacuation centers. I don't blame them. I gotta say, I aint leaving without the wiener-dogs, unless I really think we're gonna die. I've seen what happens to pets left behind, it isn't pretty. Hopefully, all of the Arizona evacuees were able to get their pets rounded up and out of there.

Current information on the Wallow fire can be found on InciWeb, at THIS PAGE. It should be updated twice a day and has links to maps, photos and other information.

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