Friday, June 3, 2011

I stopped by the Big House of Pain on my way home from work today, I had to take a picture for a project that I am working on. My friend Trump was walking up the back ramp as I pulled in. I parked next to the ramp as he walked toward me. We greeted each other and chatted for a while, I hadn't really been able to talk with him for quite some time.

Apparently, I had just missed the Fire Chief, who had been in the area, working on the same project as I. You can be assured that his role in this project is huge, mine is minimal. While he was there, he gave Trump some news.

Today was Trump's last day as a captain for the K.B.F.P.D. The next time he goes to work, he will be a District Commander down in district #1.

Trump has been working on this for a while and knew it was coming. He just didn't know when, or where he would be assigned. As another District Commander is retiring in September, Trump could have been promoted into that spot. This works out better for him and for the captains in District #1, the sooner they start working together, the sooner they will develop (hopefully) the relationships necessary to work together as a team.

As our conversation progressed, Trump came to the realization that I am the only captain that he worked for, who is still on the job. Trump drove for me seven or eight years ago.

That was remarkable to me on three counts. First, it says that Trump is getting up there. With the exception of me, every captain that he has worked for has retired - and I'm out in a few months. Second, The district has made the transition from a seasoned department to a young one. Third, I'M getting up there - people who I supervised in the past are now becoming chief officers.

Time flies when you are having fun.

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  1. Time sure does fly. I'll be gone soon, # 1 on the Captain's list but doubt if I'll make it, strange days in Providence.

  2. Time flies when we're having fun. True, very true. :)

  3. Michael - Having "died on the vine" several times, I know how you feel. I also have been reading about the strife in Providence and think about you guys all of the time. Unfortunately, situations like the P.F.D. are becoming more and more common. It makes the trivial crap that we snivel about seem really, really petty.

    I wish I had an answer.

    Tame Lion - Thanks for coming by!

    Thanks for the comments.