Wednesday, January 13, 2010

CATF-2 is airborne

California Urban Search and Rescue Task Force 2 became airborne at 22:10 PST this evening en-route to Haiti. 

They are flying on a USAF Reserve C-17 from March Air Reserve Base located in Riverside, CA.

CA-TF2 is a FEMA USAR team based in Los Angeles County Ca. and is composed of Los Angeles County Fire dept. firefighters as well as civilian specialists. They are being deployed as a Type I USAR team with approx. 72 members.

FEMA USAR teams are equipped to be self sufficient for a minimum of 72 hours after arrival in the area of operations. Hopefully, they have a little extra supplies or can be logistically supported within that 72 hour window. As this is not a FEMA deployment, but one under the U.S. Agency for International Development’s Office of Foreign Disaster Assistance, the logistical support may not happen as smooth as they might like.

Please keep CA-TF2 as well as all of the other teams from across the globe in your thoughts and prayers. They are in for a tough time in Haiti, the working conditions are difficult there even when not suffering from a catastrophic disaster.

Thanks as always,


  1. Prayers are being said as we speak, Capt! Great post, keep us updated if you can!

  2. They are in for a tough time, it sounds worse with every report and the images are horrifying. Thanks for spreading the word. They will be in my prayers.

  3. my dad is on the team and we are all thinking about them. please report anything that you find out, but as you know communication is extremely limited. thanks!

  4. They make us proud. Heres hoping for a successful, safe mission and return.

    Theres something for you on my page...

  5. Thanks for this information. I have a nephew on that team. Thank God for these heroes.