Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Haiti Earthquake

I only have a few seconds, but as usual,'s Big Picture has some amazing photographs of the devastation in Haiti. Look closely, for many of you, this type of event is a strong possibility.

Again good luck to the responders from all over the world who are en-route to assist in the rescue efforts. Be safe all.

Thanks as always,


  1. Thanks for the link Capt. I was trying to remember the site you always use when something in the world happens and pictures tell the story better than words.

    A couple of things come to mind when looking at the pics....

    First, I'm brought back to 9/11 when I see them. The similarity in how the people look is eery.

    Second, it makes me feel good about the world to see multiple countries step up to help so quickly. I hope there are more as time goes on.

    and last, I posted about this on Ann T's page too, living in So Fla kinda makes it inevitable....I am friends with people who have family in Port au Prince that cant be reached. I'm hoping for the best.

  2. Dear Captain Schmoe,
    peedee beat me to the punch. I wanted to thank you for the updates and links, I used them!

    Thanks for the resources,
    Ann T.

  3. Thanks for the link, Capt. What a horrible event. They are so poor as it is and then to have something like this happen. I hope that the government will make sure now the buildings are a little better built. Prayers are non stop for the people of Haiti and the rescue workers.