Sunday, January 31, 2010

Mystery Van Revealed

When I saw this van at the shop, the first thing I thought was "What the hell is that Dial-A-Ride van doing here?" This is primarily a cop shop, with a few firetrucks and ambulances thrown in.
 My curiosity was further heightened when I opened the side door and saw four wheelchair retention devices in the rear of the van and three seats in the middle of the van. All were enclosed behind a custom steel and plexi-glass screen that protected the driver from whatever passengers he had in the back.

I had visions of Hannibal Lechter being transported from a Super-Max prison to a court date in one of these things.

I asked one of the technicians in the shop who the van belonged to and what it was used for. He advised me that the van was operated by a not too local correctional facility to transport prisoners to medical appointments, primarily dialysis appointments. Apparently this facility no longer has the funds to maintain their own dialysis equipment, so they contract it to an outside facility. Some of the prisoners are wheelchair bound and some are ambulatory, this vehicle transports them all. So much for Hannibal the Cannibal.

So, observer and anonymous you were mostly right. The medi-van aspect of this vehicle was the surprise. Sorry for not having any more pictures, I didn't have my camera and was forced to use my blackberry. The interior shots didn't turn out.

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  1. Aww... boring.
    I thought it was going to be something exciting like bombs or ghost busters, or something scandalous, maybe the commonwealth "massage therapist" transport van.
    dialysis. yawn.

  2. Boring!! Yawn!! Aw gee Mrs. Bunker you're killing me. Mundane perhaps, I'd even settle for bland. Boring, I dunno.

    Besides, I can't believe nobody commented on the guy jumping off of the building. That was a little exiting. especially for those who witnessed it.