Monday, January 18, 2010

Haiti - continuing strife and a little hope

Every time I think that I am done discussing Haiti, new images appear that I feel should be shared.

First the strife.'s Big Picture has yet another collection of images from Haiti that were taken in the last few days. Amazing images and equally horrific. Society can be a fragile thing, some of these images show what can happen when it falls apart. Don't think society can't fall apart here, it most certainly can. It's just a matter of how bad it has to get before it breaks down.

Now the hope. Dave Statter at Statter911 has a video that shows a man being rescued from under the rubble. VA-TF1 is the team and this video shows some of the conditions that these USAR teams perform in. Pay close attention to the tons of debris a few inches over their heads, the confined space that they are working in and the amount of dust and other debris in the air. Strong work VA-TF1.

Things are busy around here so I have to go. Stay safe everyone, keep the victims and rescuers in your prayers and as always:

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  1. Thank you for that Boston url. I'm forwarding it to friends and family.