Saturday, February 6, 2010

Lessons Learned

Overheard at 0330 this morning:

Customer - "Have you ever been arrested for DWI before?"
Medic #2 - "Nope."
Customer - "Me either, but I think I'm about to"

Followed by this conversation:
Deputy - "Yeah he's DWI, I'm gonna cite and release."
Me - "Really?"
Deputy - "Yeah, if I take him, I'm gonna hafta drive him down into the county seat to the hospital and get an medical clearance to book. Were talking hours, so if they hit anything, we cite and release. Unless someone is critical that is."
Me - "So what you're saying is, that if I get carried away at happy hour and my world turns red on the way home, I should aim for a tree and I'll get the cite rather than the drunk tank."
Deputy - "Yeah, but you'll probably die when you hit the tree."
Me - "Not me, I got mad skills when I am hammered."
Deputy - "Maybe you should try getting down on your knees and begging. Unless you pulled over by a trooper, then I'd aim for the tree".

I think I'll just call a cab. Have fun tomorrow, but not too much fun. I gotta work.

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  1. lol sounds like the deputy is lazy and the system is broke in your neck of the woods.....

  2. TGR - I don't think that the deputy was lazy, i think that the time to drive up the hill to the hospital, then wait around for several hours for an OK to book, then to the jail to book was a bigger time investment than he was willing to make.

    The S.D. is cutting way back on OT, so they are not filling vacation spots or for people out on sick leave, IA etc. A deputy off the streets for 5 hours on a DWI is more than they want to invest. I'm just guessin'

    Thanks for the comment.