Friday, February 19, 2010


I have some friends that work for the Federal Government. They travel all over the place, often on military transport. One of them presented me with an opportunity to go with him on a short hop. Me, being the airplane whore that I am, jumped on it. I am currntly sitting at an airport waiting for an Air Force plane to pick us up along with a bunch of others and fly us to an air base for a security type exercise. It should be interesting.

I am using my phone to post this, well see how it goes.


  1. Its funny you say that, whats with you people and airplanes?? My kid is in LOVE with airplanes, hence the reason she's Navy Aircrew. She loves them. What is it??

    If you end up in Tinker AFB Capt., you better look for my kid!!!!!!!!

    And have fun!!

  2. Capt. Schmoe:

    I post this at 1718 central time? Are you still waiting? :-)

    The Observer

  3. Dear Capting,
    Happy Adventures!!!!!
    Ann T.