Monday, May 10, 2010


The evolution had not gone well. I really hadn't expected it to, but I had hoped that the initial phase would have been successful. We could have built upon it from there.

I let Cyndi discuss it with the boot for several minutes before approaching them. I could tell from afar that Cyndi was a little agitated. I knew she wasn't going to be happy, but she appeared a little more animated than usual.

As I neared the two of them, I could hear Cyndi lighting into the boot. The boot didn't know I was behind him, Cyndi did and was not deterred. After a minute or so, I stepped in. I began by pointing out how the initial objective was not met and therefore, the remainder of the evolution was of no value. I then broke it down, step by step.

It while discussing the second step of the evolution that the boot began rationalizing his actions with superfluous drabble that did nothing to justify them. This prompted a question from me which, in turn generated an answer that was not only wrong, but appeared to have been invented from an active imagination.

I was annoyed, Cyndi was livid. I gathered that Cyndi's conversation with the boot had been similar to mine I let Cyndi have a minute or so of rant time, then I took over - though in a little more supervisory fashion. I discussed the need for honesty on both side of the training equation, specifically, the need for him to tell me "I don't know" rather than trying to B.S. his way through.. We also talked about him trying to rationalize his improper actions away, rather admitting that he screwed up.

The boot agreed with my position (as if he had a choice) and we moved on.

The second attempt at the evolution went much better. The primary and secondary objectives were met, though not without error. The post evolution confab was delivered, then received without excuses or bizarre rationalization returned.

It was on the way home that frustrated us all. We stopped for one more task to be performed while topping off the water tank. An omission was observed, one quite significant. When called on it, the boot stated 'twas not an omission, but a deliberate act. One committed so that it would serve as reminder to perform certain functions each time the tank was topped off.

This response stunned the Evil Medic, who immediately called B.S! It released a short but sharp comment from Cyndi and a "that is not acceptable" from me. I could see the confused look upon the boot's brow, but what was on his brow did not concern me. The faulty logic of the act was my concern, as was the boot's need to find another method to ensure completion of the necessary tasks.

The boot took our final comments and direction without excuses or the expression of faulty reasoning. Maybe there is hope.

I am sure that this boot will succeed in the completion of his goal, but it will take a lot of work on his behalf. Work and the ability to shut-up and listen. Advice that most of us could use at one time or another.

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