Monday, May 3, 2010

Unlikely Superhero

DISCLAIMER - This post in no way signifies that I am one of those "comic geeks" who spends all of his spare cash at the comic book store. Not that there is anything wrong with that, but I already have expensive hobbies and I don't need another. Plus, they take up a lot of space, which at my house is taken up with jeep parts, firearms, books and other stuff.

DISCLAIMER PART II - This post in no way signifies or implies that I have any infatuation with an eleven year old female superhero or actress. That WOULD BE WRONG as well as creepy, sick and any number of bad things.

I have seen the future of superheros in America and the future is:

Hit Girl

Hit Girl is a character in the new movie Kick Ass. Hit Girl is eleven years old and is the daughter of Big Daddy, a former cop who was framed and sent to prison. Since his release, Big Daddy has become a superhero and has trained his daughter to be one as well.  
Their ultimate goal is to take down the organized crime boss who framed Big Daddy and indirectly caused the death of Hit Girl's mother. During the process, they cross paths with the film's main character, Kick Ass.
Kick Ass is a regular kid who decides to become a superhero after seeing how complacent society has become.

For me and many others, The Hit Girl character stole the movie, overshadowing Big Daddy, played by Nicholas Cage and Kick Ass, who was played by Aaron Johnson. Totally loyal and dedicated to her father and his mission, Hit Girl operates with an almost demonic passion as she goes about slaughtering bad guys.

The imagery of an eleven year old girl mowing through hordes of evil-doers, using an assortment of weapons , skills and her wits was superbly done. Hit Girl is definitely a non-pc superhero, but an extremely effective one despite her young age and diminutive stature.

Although I really enjoyed Kick Ass, this movie is not for everyone. It is incredibly violent with some adult content and language. Plus, not everyone is ready for an eleven year old killing machine. A movie usually works for me when it nudges up against the border of being absurd, but really doesn't cross it. This movie does just that and is well written, casted and directed.


For people who like slightly outside the box movies, this is definitely worth your twelve bucks. I predict that the sequel will focus on Hit Girl, we'll see if she can deliver.

Oh yeah, one other word of advice. Don't piss her off.

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  1. Thanks for the review, I was wondering if I should go, now my decision is made :-)

    Talking about young killer girls, have you seen Leon: The Professional? There's a trailer here. The 12-year old is played by Natalie Portman.

  2. Dear Captain Schmoe,
    oh, I now want to see this--bad. Guns, violence, wigs, Aaron Johnson and Nicholas Cage. Schmoe gives it stars. Can't be beat.
    Ann T.

  3. So on my list of movies to see. Now you've sealed the deal! Thanks for the review Capt!

  4. Ya know,that's the reason I have never reviewed a movie before - what if y'all don't like it?

    I'll feel like a jerk if you spend 10 or 12 bucks on a movie and you hate it.I guess though after this, you'll know whether to trust my opinion on movies.

    Again, I liked and if you go, I hope you do to.

  5. I'd argue about not being absurd but can't really discuss it without spoilers.

    Agreed about Chloe Mertz: She's a charmer.

  6. Well Blake, it would appear that absurdity - like comedy, drama etc. is subjective.

    Thanks for dropping by.