Saturday, May 8, 2010

Tales and Trucks

Emergency One is a fire apparatus manufacturer based in Ocala Fla. They have been making fire equipment since 1974 and have made over 30,000 pieces of fire apparatus. I have worked on several E-Ones over the years, they have served me well.

They are finishing up a contest right now, with the grand prize being a fire engine that will go to a fire agency that has a genuine need for an engine and can't afford to purchase one. The contest was an old fashioned essay contest, with seven finalists selected. The public can go to the E-One website, read all of final submissions, then vote for the essay they thought best. The website can be found HERE.

I have read through three of the finalist's essays, all are worthy of the grand prize. I'll finish reading them today, then decide who I am voting for. Since most of you seem to enjoy reading and have an interest in the fire service, this may be a way for you to help a worthy fire protection agency receive a new rig while getting some entertainment value. A win-win in my book.

I hope you enjoy the essays, have a great weekend.

Thanks for reading,

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  1. Dear Captain Schmoe,
    Well, I had to wait to write you. Because I read those testaments and I got spitting mad.

    Since when did such a noble, life and property saving endeavor have to get by with crappy equipment like this???

    Okay, I know better. My mom was in a VFD for awhile. But still. Makes me sick.

    I don't think non-FD people can vote. I hit the Vote on one choice (hard to decide, too) and they asked for my agency. Please advise, I will vote but I didn't want to be a strike mark against anyone.

    Damn it. Still mad.

    Ann T.