Friday, February 25, 2011

The Sentencing

It was a newer courtroom this time. One with painted walls, fluorescent lighting  and a minimum of wood. Though it lacked the elegance and warmth of the last one, it served it's purpose - providing a place for several motions and a sentencing.

The cast of players was nearly the SAME AS LAST TIME., however now the defendant was clad in an orange jump suit, rather than in the business suit that his attorney had previously provided for him; there was no jury and a different defense attorney was present..

The court worked it's way through a couple of motions, one of which was one for a new trial. The defendant's previous attorney was forced to testify, it appeared that he was as disgusted with the defendant as we were. I don't think he helped the defendant's case, the judge saw through the bullshit and denied the motion.

After some more business, the judge called for a break and announced that the sentencing would commence upon his return. When the court was reconvened, the judge made it clear that he had bought none of the defendant's words, either regarding his motions or his request for a light sentence.

The judge gave the sentences for each count, adding up the years to be served, consecutively rather than concurrently. After each group of years were added to the pile, the sobs from the newlywed defendant's wife grew louder, adding to the drama in the courtroom.

After all was said and done, the total exceeded 32 years and the defendant was ordered into state custody. The defendant's mother asked the judge if she could hug her son just one more time, he deferred the decision to the deputies, who standing near the now sentenced man.

The deputies denied the mother's request and the reaction was both instantaneous and extreme. A primeval scream, followed by a string of epithets directed at the deputy DA pierced the solemn atmosphere of the courtroom. The mother was restrained by her hoodlum family members and she was assisted from the courtroom, wailing all the while.

The DA staff, along with myself, were allowed to leave through the judges chambers and out a side entrance. Ever watchful deputies escorted the DDA and her staff to the DA's office, the fear of reprisal enough that they walked down the street in the drizzle.


32 years, with a requirement that at least 80% be actually served. By the time he gets out, half of his life will have been spent in prison as a result of this caper, this in addition to previous sentences from previous crimes. The irony in this case is that the co-defendant had plead guilty to his role in the crime and will soon be out.

Although I initially had some sympathy toward the defendant's mother, it became evident as I followed this case that some of her son's issues were a learned behavior, likely from her. As one of the numerous deputies commented as we were backstage "maybe she should have raised him better".

Although I am not gloating over the criminal's conviction and sentencing, I do feel some satisfaction ion knowing that justice was served and that another predator is off the streets. I am sure that my relief is nothing compared to that of the victims, they were truly terrified.

I must add to this that I had no actual involvement in this case, I was just there as a privileged observer, a role that I always appreciate. Thanks to my connection, your efforts are appreciated and admired by me.

Thanks to you, for reading my blog.


  1. ...the co-defendant had plead guilty to his role in the crime and will soon be out.

    That bothers me. If the two are guilty of the same crime, how can it possibly be just to lock up one for 32 years or more and the other only serves a year or two?

    I understand plea bargaining, but in a case like this one I don't think it's right.

  2. Nice write up Schmoe, shame the judicial system isn't as strong over here in the UK, the dirt bag would probably have got 10 years with time off for good behaviour and out in 5.

  3. Mad Jack - Yeah that bothered me too. It appears as the one who didn't plea out may have been the more aggressive of the two. He and his family appear to be quite the knucleheads, they managed to go through three defense attorneys before it was over. The last lawyer announced that an appeal would be filed within a week. Great, more tax dollars wasted.

    Coastie 1-0 - I think that may have been the case on the earlier crimes in this guy's career, he had been through this before (so i was told)

    Thanks for the comments