Sunday, February 20, 2011


"David Wanette. Why does that name sound so familiar?" I asked William as we pulled away from the curb.

We had just cleared a call, a medical aid of no consequence. David Wanette was the name of the medic on the private ambulance that had transported our patient to the hospital.

"You're kidding, right?" was William's question in reply.

"Why would I be kidding?"

"You really don't remember that guy?"

"Dude, If I remembered who David Wanette was, I wouldn't be asking why his name sounds familiar."

"He used to work for us, two maybe three years ago. He washed out on his six months test. I think he worked for Bulldog."

Now I know why the name sounded familiar, why couldn't I recognize the face?

I started playing the numbers game. Two years ago, hmmm. Bulldog was at 224's with... let's see, Pina I think. Yeah that's right Pina and Clardy. Bulldog, Pina, Clardy and... Wait a minute.Pina and Clardy are on my shift, Bulldog was too back then.

Just as I realized where Wanettes was during his brief stay with us, a voice from one of the the rear seats offers his two cents worth. "Shit Schmoe, that goofball worked in your district, on your shift, one station away from yours and you don't remember him? You need to get out more."

Much discussion ensued, primarily on the subject of Wanette's failure to meet probationary standards. The consensus was, at least of those who actually remembered Wanette, that he was a substandard employee and that we were good to be rid of him.

Still, it bothered me that I didn't remember him He must think I am a real ass in that I didn't  give any indication that I knew him or even knew of him. I know we met and that we must have worked a few calls together. How awkward must it be for him when he has to run calls with us?

Has the list of former K.B.F.P.D. employees become so long that ones presence on that list is grounds for
immediate dismissal from the memories of senior fire captains?

Or do I just need to get out more?

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  1. You didn't remember him, so you didn't. That's that.

    I have no idea how hard it is to pass a probationary period or test successfully, but I would suppose that the department wouldn't hire anyone who they thought was likely to wash out. The man failed his test. That's entirely his fault. I wouldn't see anything awkward about it.

    Now, since I don't know you personally, I have no idea if you should get out more or not. But I'll say this: If you do decided to get out and about a little more, be sure to take your camera along with you and post a few pix.