Sunday, August 21, 2011

Deal O' the Day

Firefighters are the cheapest guys I know. Well, maybe the second cheapest. Cops are probably the cheapest, they don't get as much OT and they are too used to getting a little "love" from the local restaurants. Firefighters usually are cheap in order to save a few bucks, amass their savings and then spend the money on toys or on their four days and six days.

I know guys that will spend a week researching something, just to safe a buck or two on a minor purchase. The amazing thing is, that when they are sitting around the kitchen table, bragging about what a great deal they got on something, there is ALWAYS another guy who will have topped it and gotten an even better deal.

I found something that just might make it harder for that other guy at the kitchen table to beat your deal. Daily 911 Deals is a web site that offers  fire, police and ems stuff at a deep discount. They make deals with manufacturers and suppliers to obtain large quantities of merchandise at a deep discount, then pass the savings on to us.

They just went live a few hours ago, and posted the first "deal". It's for one of those fleece "job" shirts, one with canvas elbow patches and a canvas collar. It's from Game Sportswear and it's made in the U.S. We call 'em extreme winter parkas where I come from, we can wear them any time it gets really cold and the temperature drops below 65 degrees.

They are blowing 50 of them out at 1/2 off regular price for only a few days. I think it works out to $34. I already have three of them, or I'd be jumping all over this deal. Well, that and the fact that I only have a few shifts left.

Actually, as I paid for two of them (a helluva a lot more than $34 I might add) and I'm kyping a third from the special team that I am on, I plan on keeping them and wearing them this winter when I am out shootong pics for Hometown, Local and the Kinda big Fire protection District. I will be warm and fashionable!

Stop by the site and check out the deal. I don't think it can be topped.

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  1. I know what you mean. Invariably there is one in every crowd - Oh! You know, I got the zak-sane thing down at Cheap Town for $19.95 last week - but I think the sale's over now.

    Then there's me, coming in right on the heels of the bargain critic and their 'better deal'. You paid twenty bucks for that? You're kidding, right? I got it for ten down at Dollar Daze, and that's because I didn't feel like waiting around for the sale price. I think the sale's next week sometime.

    What makes this a better line is if you can corner the originator later on and explain that you lied, and that you suspect the bargain critic lied as well - you don't really believe that anyone could sell a $40 item for $20, and you wanted to pull his chain a little.

    $35 is a great price for a shirt like that, but what really got my attention is the 'no additional charge for large sizes'. Usually the sale vanishes around XL.

    Thanks for the link.

  2. Mad Jack - What! you mean that maybe someone might be less than truthful when talking about "deals" around the table? What is he world coming to?

    You are right as well re the $30 job shirt deal - it's a bargain.

    Thanks for the comment.