Wednesday, August 3, 2011


Here is living proof that not all geeks become FF/paramedics. Click to enlarge if you need to.

We were down at the beach last month and saw this guy performing geek tricks among other things:

A guy, driving a nail up his nose. Not that unusual, after all this is California.

A little drama for his mama!

Voila! An instant iron supplement delivered nasally.

Nails up the nose are so yesterday. Lets move on to swords!

But wait! I almost forgot to remove the nail!

Make ready one sword. Insert pointy end into mouth and apply steady even pressure in a downward motion. Thumbs up.

Caution! Avoid large meals prior to this evolution, especially if you have a sensitive gag reflex. I really like the facial expression on the young lady in the back. It reminds me of the look on the Saint's face when she met me.

Ta Da! He throated that sword in no time. It was about now that we left. I only had twenties in my wallet and though I was entertained for a few minutes, I wasn't $20 entertained - so I stiffed him. From the looks of the hat laying on the ground, the geek/sword swallower business isn't all that it was cracked up to be. I'm betting he takes our next test. With those skills, I'm sure he'll get picked up and make chief in no time. I wish him well.

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