Tuesday, August 16, 2011

short timin'

The last few weeks have just been dragging. Once the barrier of making the decision was broken and the process started, time, especially while at work, has slowed to a crawl. I have started the process of thinning out the locker full of crap that I have accumulated during my time here. Much will be given away, some tossed, some used and some kept.

A photographic project that I have been working on has required that I visit many of the stations and facilities that we operate. As a result, I have seen some people that I have not seen for quite a while. Many have heard that I was leaving, some not. Some I will not likely see professionally again, maybe a few never at all. I have also met a few people for the first time - at least I don't remember meeting them before.

I am trying to finish a few assignments up before I leave, mainly our assigned fire prevention inspections. I want to have that mess cleaned up before my replacement arrives. I am going to leave him one though, a Jack in the Box restaurant located up the street from the station. It should be in compliance, a piece of cake, and I want to leave it for Turrow as a parting gift.

My boss called the other day. He was visiting the big house and the guys there told him they had heard I was getting cold feet and was thinking of changing my mind. He, being a bull by the horns kind of guy, called my station and got me on the line. He asked if he could put me on speaker phone, a request which I consented to. He then asked me if the cold feet rumor was true. I laughed then asked how that one got started. I could hear the crew of the big house in the background, but no one wanted to answer that one. I assured them that barring some apocalyptic event, I was indeed out at the end of the month. That my friends, is how one dispels rumors!

I have a meeting with the Chief of the department at the end of next week, I need to nail down some details on a new project and clarify my role as dept. photographer after my separation. I anticipate that it will go well, wish me luck  - it is a trying time at the K.B.F.P.D. right now.

As write this, the smell of fresh coffee is drifting under the dorm door - a reminder that I need to finish this up and get ready to turn things over to the C shift. I'm starting days off and am burning a vacation day, I would like to start getting ready to move back into my house over the weekend. We'll see.

Thanks as always for reading,


  1. "...clarify my role as dept. photographer after my separation."

    That's exciting news. I was wondering what you, and by extension we your readers, were going to do after you leave.

  2. Well, Wayne I am working on a few things, none of which are finalized. Rest assured however that this endeavor will continue in one form or another after I retire. Thanks for the comment.

  3. That explains your remark on my comment on the taco shack. That is a great job/hobby after you retire. Have a great day.