Thursday, August 11, 2011

Old Iron

I attended a car show last weekend. I made a point of attending this one, as it was held in a neighborhood rather than at a business and I knew that quite a few members of the Home Town F.D. were going to be there along with their cars.

The event was held in a cul-de-sac. Every house on the street participated, most with show cars in their driveways and on their yard. This picture was taken from the top of an old '70s era Seagrave, early in the show. As it gets freakin' hot here in the desert, they didn't start the show until 1700. Good planning. The Seagrave was purchased  from a Volunteer Dept. in Missouri, I don't know if was used somewhere else before that. I do know that it had an unusual lay-out, one that I have never seen before.

This beauty showed up, the driver claimed it was a 1919 American LaFrance. I know nothing about old ALF's but I know that this one looks a lot like a 1927 that I see occasionally. This one is more ornate and is in great condition. A lovely rig.

I was really impressed with the gold leafing on this rig. Once common decor for fire apparatus, it has been replaced by vinyl decals. I'm afraid that someday, no one will remember how to apply gold leaf. Truly a disappearing art form.

Gold, red and chrome. A natural combination.

This was a fun hot rod. A T-Bucket with a hose bed, ladders and maltese-cross tail lights. It belonged to a guy from Home Town, I believe.

I spotted this tank on a Harley Davidson Road King. Flames, a skull and a helmet. Not one of those "funny plastic helmets like we wear either, but a leather lid. I'm just guessin' that this bike was firefighter owned.

The evening was topped by a band called the Cash Kings, a Johnny Cash tribute band out of So. Cal. I enjoy Johnny Cash's music so was very pleased when these guys took the stage.

This was a great event in a great venue. It was more like attending a block party than attending a car show. Good food, great iron and great entertainment. The proceeds went to an organization that provides support to brain injured patients.

The Saint I Am Married to says that we could both use the services of this organization. Me because, well I seem brain injured. Her because she must have been brain injured when she agreed to marry me.

Hmm. Should I be offended?

We had a great time, it was good seeing some old friends. Wish you all could have been there.

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