Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Bowl Season

The Fire Explorer advisor called and let me know that they would be playing a football game last week. I told him that I would stop by and take a few pictures, as I always enjoy photographing the explorers.

The explorer program renews my faith in youth, it is refreshing to see such dedication and enthusiasm in the members of the post. Whether they all become firefighters is irrelevant, it's their focus and the things that they learn that will help them succeed in life, not their job title.

It was a beautiful December afternoon, the kind that is common here in SoCal, the kind that led my grandfather to move here from Indiana in 1956.

The odd thing about this game is that it was played in turn-outs. Even the Roanoke Rampage don't do that. It was a flag game as well, an effort to reduce the risk of debilitating injury.

Fifteen or sixteen kids showed up, more may have come later, I had to leave at the half.

As in most games of this type, it was all about offense. I think that the score was 212,345 to 212 ,352 at halftime.

It seemed that the smaller players did very well in this game. It was very hard for the larger kids to their hands of their flags.

It was good to see the explorers participating in this team building exercise. It gave them something to do  while on Christmas break, they built a little camaraderie and, judging from the looks on their faces - they had a good time.

If the green turf and the blue skies in the photos are giving you an urge to move here, think about it some more. The job market is still in the tank and we have too many people here already. Should you ignore those factors and move here anyway, don't worry about fire protection. From the looks of these kids, you would be well protected for quite a few years.

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