Thursday, December 22, 2011

Missing - Final update

Bakersfield Now is reporting that the two bodies found earlier today near Randsburg are those of the two off-roaders missing since early Sunday. The bodies of Chris Rice, 29 and Daniel Carbonaro, 27 were found in a deep ravine near Government peak area according to the post. The Razor ATV was found nearby.

It has not been determined how long the victims had been dead or the exact cause of death.

Deepest sympathies to all connected with the victims, this was not the outcome that everyone was hoping for.



  1. As you pointed out in an earlier post, the desert is a hostile environment. I have a lot of respect for the out of doors, particularly anyplace over five miles from civilization. If memory serves, didn't you write a short piece on survival gear for the desert?

    I'm sorry to read this story and my sympathies go out to the families.

  2. I did write a post on the subject a few years ago. The real issue is that with the comfort of our RVs and hotels, we sometimes forget or disregard where we are. This was a tragedy that didn't have to happen.