Thursday, December 8, 2011


As many of you have heard, there was firefighter fatality in Worcester, MA this morning. It appears that John Davies, a 17 year veteran of the Worcester FD was killed and his partner, identified as firefighter Carroll was injured when a portion of a structure collapsed on them as they were performing a search for victims at a structure fire.

As usual, Dave Statter over at Statter911 is on it with the details. Updates, including fireground audio, can be found HERE. I started to listen but just can't get through it.

Our thoughts and prayers are with both men, their families, friends and the Worcester FD.

Stay safe.



  1. The proximity to the anniversary of their other tragic loss makes it all the more painful.

    A friend sent me that link in an email within an hour or so of when it was made available. I couldn't listen to it, either.

  2. NYEMT - I spoke with a friend of mine, a rather well known blogger. He couldn't get through it either.

    Thanks for the comment.