Saturday, December 3, 2011

Cops...'s whats for dinner.

Actually, I'm pretty sure that the dog eats a lamb and rice based kibble. I have no idea what the officers eat. The above photos were part of  a group that I shot of a K-9 demonstration. I have to be honest, this was a little different for me, I am used to shooting pictures of wiener dogs and search dogs, both of which are very friendly and somewhat cuddly.

I don't know if this patrol K-9 has a friendly or cuddly streak or not, but I can tell you that when he is working, he is neither. He is simply bad-ass. I don't recall his name, but from what I gathered he is considered to be one of the more intense members of the team. Even though he was on a leash, I am very grateful that his attention was focused on the agitator rather than on me. As I was working fairly close to the agitator, I noticed the dog glance at me a few times, but as I posed no threat to him, he stayed on the agitator.

The demonstration was very well done, with displays performed by narcotics detection dogs, patrol dogs as well as both a live victim disaster search dog and a human remains search dog. All of the dogs and handlers performed very well and showed the amount of work that is required to get them certified for their respective functions. 

As I weed through the 400+ images from the event, I will post a few more. As a dog lover, I like to capture the working dogs doing what they do best. It makes me appreciate the oxygen-wasters that live in my house even more even though I know that they are not living up to their potential.

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