Tuesday, February 12, 2013

A Death Too Good?

A reporter on the phone with KCAL TV is reporting that tear gas has been fired into the cabin where the murder suspect is holed up. He is also reporting that the cabin has ignited and is burning freely.

I have seen  this before, on incidents that I have been involved with. It has been my experience that the suspects rarely come out and if they are in the structure, they usually shoot themselves rather than burn to death.

A large plume of black smoke is visible from a news helicopter that is hovering many miles away.

Burning to death might be an appropriate death for the suspect, suicide is not.

Again, until they recover a body, nothing is certain.


The San Bernardino County Sheriff has just confirmed that a S.B. Co. deputy has died as a result of the gun battle that occurred earlier today. He also said that the wounded deputy is in surgery and is expected to recover.

Thoughts and prayers to everyone involved, especially to the friends and family of the fallen and to the wounded officers.

Updates as available


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