Thursday, February 7, 2013

Again - Riverside Mourns After Officer Murdered

A city mourns - again.  The scabs from the last time are torn off and tragically, the blood flows -  again. Three officers shot, one fatally in two separate yet connected incidents.  Shit from Los Angeles has flowed uphill into my hometown and destroyed lives here.

Two officers from the Riverside Police Dept. were ambushed this morning as they sat in their patrol car, waiting for a red light to change. Both were transported to the hospital, one perished, one is reported to be in critical condition. This event occurred shortly before or after another shooting, one where a Los Angeles police officer received minor wounds after being fired at in Corona, a city located just west of Riverside.

The suspect is not a career criminal, nor is he a foreign born terrorist or a red-necked bunker building militia member. He is a disgraced former Los Angeles cop who is also wanted for murdering two people in Orange County on superbowl Sunday. As of this writing, he is still at large.

Apparently, the suspect in this was fired from LAPD several years ago for lying against a fellow LAPD officer during an official matter. The suspect who is/was also an officer in the U.S. Navy Reserves, was not happy about the termination and has vowed to kill officers who were involved in his termination and their families. He actually posted a lengthy manifesto outlining his desire to wreak mayhem on Facebook.

One of the two murder victims in Orange County was the daughter of an attorney involved in the case against the suspect. Needless to say, LAPD is on high alert and has officers throughout southern California, watching the homes of people involved in the rogue officer's dismissal. The shooting in Corona involved LAPD officers who were assigned to protect someone named involved in the original case.

A spokesman from RPD said that the two officers who were shot in Riverside, were stopped at a light in a marked police dept. vehicle when they were ambushed. The spokesman said that the officers were not looking for the suspect at the time and had no indication that they were being targeted.

This is a very dynamic situation, the names of the involved officers have not been released. A very active manhunt is underway from the Mexican border up into Ventura county. Officers at the various crime scenes have brought out the rifles and shotguns as the suspect has vowed to target command posts.

The thought of an armed murderer running about the southland, targeting cops is frightening. He is reported to be armed with a military rifle and dressed in a military type uniform. It would appear that he as at war with law enforcement, hopefully he can be stopped before he ruins any more lives. It is said that when evil meets crazy bad things happen. Trained, evil and crazy is a recipe for disaster.

My thoughts an prayers go out to the family, friends and fellow officers of the fallen officer. Sadly, Riverside has a long history of losing cops, I can tell you most of their names and the circumstances under which they were lost. All were tragedies, all symptoms of a screwed up society.

I didn't name the suspect, the piece of shit does not deserve the ink/pixels. If you want to view his manifesto, it can be found here. I didn't read it, the rantings of a crazy, violent murderer do not interest me. Maybe after he is caught or after he is dead I'll take a look at it. At least we'll know why he did it.

I'll keep you posted.



  1. Thank you for not giving any "ink" to his name. If only the mainstream press would do the same.

  2. Thanks for the comments folks, this is a tough time for our city.