Saturday, February 9, 2013

In quisquiliarum de mahemium

Mayhem always leaves a trail of garbage.

Sometimes, it's the belongings of the injured, sometimes it's the debris from the treatment. Usually it's both.

Sometimes, it's another deposit in ones "death bank", another episode of trying to attain order from chaos or just another event in a shift full of absurdity.

As always, things get resolved and some degree of order is restored. Sometimes the outcome is exactly what we desire, sometimes we have to settle. Either way we have to move on.

Our clients may not ever fully recover, the debris from the mayhem is just too much to recover from. I feel for those people, I know what lurks behind the doors of their wounded souls.

We on the other hand, just try to do what it takes to the job done and hope that the next one has a better outcome. Maybe we are the ultimate optimists.

I'm just glad I don't have to deal with it anymore.

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Well done to the crews from the South End, they did a great job on this. I got there kind of late, honestly I'm glad. As always, it was great to see these people, I feel honored to have worked with them and to document the great job that they do.


  1. Great post, and although the mess can always be picked up, the memories always remain with first responders.


  2. Scott - Indeed. Most of the incident was handled before my arrival, but the radio traffic indicated it was a rather ugly incident upon the first-in unit's arrival. The presence of three chief officers, several units and an extra red-hat or two indicate that it was more than your typical call.

    The scene was described to me as "surreal" and "something out of a movie". I'm just guessin' it was a bad movie.

    Thanks for the comment.